Kula Pae Pareu - Cornflower

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This pareu features our Kula Pae print on Cornflower fabric with Riviera ink.

Across the street from the Kanakaʻole homestead is Kula Pae. There at the shoreline one could observe the tides, the limu, and the fishes. It is a favorite area for Keaukaha residents. The art on this pareu has the elements of the fish net, an original block print design by Luka Kanakaʻole. The close-up limu art was inspired by Uluwehi O Ke Kai written by Edith Kanakaʻole.   

Forty years have gone by since making that first pareu. The two-yard piece of fabric continues to be an important item in life with countless uses. In addition to wrapping the body, the function of the pareu is unlimited. Covering tables, walls, babies, surfboards, and hundreds of other things, the pareu is a favorite go-to. Waving in the breeze, blocking the sun, or hanging over the branch next to a pond, the pareu continues to be an important piece in my life.

Hand printing them here in Hilo is how I started this whole biz. One by one, silk-screening them in the patio. Although it is now hand printed in Honolulu, the method is basically the same. The design is printed, every twenty-four inches, on thirty yard lengths of fabric. 100% cotton fabric with water-based inks is our formula. We then cut it up into two yard pieces and sew up the edges.

Wanting to offer a single, large formatted design on a very soft fabric, we began to search for a new source. Almost a year later, we have the new pareu collection printed with one large screen and on nice soft 100% cotton fabric, washed to our specs. Introducing Kīpuka Kī, ʻIʻiwipōlena, and Kula Pae, we feature the latest pareu art!

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