Backstage Bag

This is a perennial favorite!  Each time we sew up a few, they get snatched immediately.  They never make it online because we could never keep them in stock.  But today is different.  We can only feature our Backstage Bag online!  Of course, only a few of each are made.

The name, Backstage, comes from Atsuko who created this favorite.  Before us, she had her own company called Backstage as she did costumes and the like for performances.  Because it was perfect for everyday use, whether it be lunch or for wallet and phone, she named this bag after her company.

Sewn up in two sizes, they are lined and washable.  Pellon between printed and solid lining.  Grab and go!

Large Measures

15" L x 8" H x 7" W


12" L x 6.5" H x 5.5" W

Every item placement is unique. All items are handmade so the design placement is chosen at random.

Size Chart