Holo Mai Pele Waʻaloa Dress - Plum

This Waʻaloa Dress features our Holo Mai Pele design on Plum fabric with Petal ink.

The Hawaiians decorated their kapa with designs imprinted with bamboo sticks that they carved and inscribed by hand. They carved motifs on the insides of the bamboo and made their prints on bark cloth, using dyes they made from the plants they found in nature. This design tells the story of the Travels of Pele and how she came across the great oceans in a canoe.  With her family she sought a new home, considering each island until settling at Halema'uma'u on the Island of Hawai'i. The geometric motifs represent the natural elements, the mode of transportation, and the 'aumakua, the ancestral guardians of the family.

Literal Translation: Long Canoe

Our “O” dress is all about the O-neckline! The low back frames the neck and upper back, giving all a peek. The fitted bodice and the multi-gore skirt is perfect for a spin and delightful in hula.

Waʻaloa is located deep in the valley of Mānoa. Waiākeakua Stream is in this ʻili and where I visited very often. It was my quiet place and where I would go for inspiration and fun. Surrounded by white ginger and gardenias, this ʻāina will always be a favorite memory.

 100% Cotton Model is wearing size S.

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