Kalākolokai Hikikiʻiʻiki Dress - Sea Glass

This Hikikiʻiʻiki Dress features our Kalākolokai design on Sea Glass fabric with Breakers and Oasis ink. 

The ʻilima and the kaunaʻoa are friends found growing together at the oceanside. Although the kaunaʻoa is a parasite, it depends on the ʻilima as its host. The name given to this design expresses the colors of the blossom and the kaunaʻoa. Both are rich hues of orange. Using the sun as the metaphor for both flower and vine, the name describes the sun moving from east to west during the day along the shore.

We honor the associated rains of our favored places. Acknowledging the names and the characteristics these celebrated names and places, we keep that part of our traditions alive. This dress pattern has numerous oblique lines, likened to the slanting rains that falls at Hilo. Hikikiʻi is the name of this kind of rain.

Sleeveless with a soft round neckline, we imagine this dress moving along with the kāholo and ʻuwehe, showcasing the ʻami in hula.

100% Cotton, Model wearing size S

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