Pualeilikolehua Ululani Dress - Azure

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This Ululani Dress features our Pualeilikolehua design on Azure with White ink.

As symbols of new growth, the cultural significance of liko is reiterated in not only the green of the plant, but in its symmetry and in its redundancy. Note the repetition in the leaf format as each mirrors the previous one. Imagine hula dancers in a line as they repeat the motions of the story... Liko fasci-nates me because of its perfection as it unfolds. Leinaʻala Kalama Heine, who passed away in 2015, was a Kumu Hula for decades. I watched and enjoyed her from the very beginning, after her ʻūniki as kumu from Maiki Aiu. Her dedication to the art, and her artistry, were testaments to her commitment to the chant. This liko is dedicated to her!

Running from the Wailuku river all the way to Lanakila Housing, just past ʻĪpuka Street, Ululani is another street in the Hilo area that sometimes goes off the map before reappearing elsewhere in town. Glancing at the homes, apartments and even businesses that are located on this street, you will understand the importance! Some of the oldest framed buildings in Hilo stand on the block between Waiānuenue Avenue and Wailuku Street. It was called Pleasant Street before being re-named. This name was chosen for our first Hilo One style as it is all about celebrating! This party dress is cool, short and sweet. The highlight of this dress is about framing the upper body. This sleeveless "yoke" frames the neck and shoulders, and of course the party face. The decorative placket is sewn down, hinting to fun and style.

 100% Cotton Model is wearing size XXS.

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