Hilo Braid Long Sleeve Flannel

This Buttonup Aloha Flannel features our Hilo Braid print on Green fabric with Black and Chalkboard ink.

At a two-week pop-up store at the Waikiki Parc, we introduced a collaboration of Nalani Kanakaole (lupe), Kuhao (uluhoku), and Sig (Hilo braid):  P O N O H O L O. The three individual 'ohe kapala designs made up the fabric layout representing our journeys as travelwrights.  

Long-sleeved flannels offer a twist into the comfort zone. Not only at another level, but identifying the zone. Almost like that security blanket. Reassuring, unhurried, and pleasant. Unwind, relax, bask. We offer Ululoa, Naupaka, and Hilo Braid. Yes, a crazy run and very limited. (P.S. We wear this one size up.)

Model is wearing size S

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