Hulihia Kīlauea Pua Ka Hīnano Dress - White

This Pua Ka Hīnano Dress features our Hulihia Kīlauea design on White fabric with Artichoke ink.

In 2018 here on Hawaiʻi island, we witnessed one of the most explosive volcanic flows in a few decades. It’s this raw energy, destruction and creation that reminds us of our place in these environmental cycles. Recognition and regard for this energy is a prerequisite for living here in Hilo. Hulihia chants document historically these times of change. A shift of what is to what will be created.

A fresh flow at first look resembles a barren landscape but as a kid I’ve always marveled at the iridescence and reflective quality that new lava holds. This contradiction of a flow clearing the land and in turn creating new land is what Hulihia chants specialize in documenting.

We designed this dress for the summer days in Hilo, keeping our wahine cool. All cotton, knee length, and easy to wear. The heat’s on: get comfortable!

100% Cotton

Model is 5'6" and wearing size XS.

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