ʻApeʻelekū KEIKI Button Up Aloha Shirt - Prussian

This Button Up Aloha Shirt features our ʻApeʻelekū print on Prussian fabric with Sky and White ink.

I remember ʻape growing near the ocean. Growing in the shade of Kamani trees, I am taken by the darkness of the leaves. Oversize, upright, and almost looking mutant, the ʻape had such a pronounced presence that it commanded attention. 

I always liked ʻape. The glossy leaves are a powerful statement in the wild, growing in the darker understory. Heard that they used to eat the root during famine. I prefer to use the leaves as an umbrella in sudden downpours.

Model is 4ʻ6" and is wearing a size Keiki XL.

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