E Ola Moekahilauliʻi Mōhalu Dress - Denim

This Mōhalu Dress features our E Ola Moe Kahilauliʻi design on Denim fabric with white ink. 

The Maile sisters are famous in many of the myths of Hawaiʻi.  They are known as hula deities.  The sisters are Maile-pakaha, Maile-Haʻi-wale, Maile-kaluhea, and Maile-lauliʻi.  The Maile of Kipuka Ki on the slopes of Mauna Loa is of the Lauliʻi Variety.  The three-leafed vines are commonly seen climbing amongst the Koa and ʻOhiʻa trees.  The translation of the prints name, E Ola Moekahilauliʻi, is “Live, oh young small leafed Maile before branches form!”  Moekahi is the term used to describe the early stages of maileʻs growth, before it begins to branch out.  

Today we fancy it up a little - just so we can talk style, life, and print - in today’s terms!  The collar frames the iwilei and the poʻo, the sleeve caps the shoulder, and the length is just enough to cover the beachwear. We invite you to bring your attitude: walk deliberately, lift that chin, shake that head of hair loose…. Wear it with tights. Keep your jeans on. May everything bloom in your wake! 

55% Linen, 45% Cotton. Model is wearing size XL.

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