Peiwē Zipper Pouch

There are special places to see on our huakaʻi in Keaukaha! Peiwē, the island fronting Kealoha Park, is a favorite stop. On the low tide, we walk across the shallow waters to get the the island. It’s quite beautiful to witness the white sand, the chilly waters, and the view of Mauna Kea!

Organizing and keeping everything in its place allows quick pickups. Better yet if we color code or print match! Our zipper pouches will hold anything! From prized jewels to laptop wires and air pods, toiletries to premium stash, zip and keep your possessions ready to go! 100% cotton both on the exterior and the lining fabric.

Height - 5 1/4” 
Length - 8 1/2”
Width - 3 1/2”
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