Rain From Clear Sky Pullover Shirt - Bison/Persimmon

This Pullover Shirt features our Rain From Clear Sky print on Bison fabric with Persimmon ink.

In K through 12, every teacher from Mrs. Iwahashi to Mrs. Chun-Akana would usually have unique pronunciations of my full name, which constantly made me question why I was named Kuhaoimaikalani.  30 something years later, the name offers me more than just a meaning. Kuhaoimaikalani translates into Rain From A Clear Sky and it offers a mental base, a relation to an environmental form/phenomenon, endless inspiration, and aspiration. These offerings resonate with my mom's belief that naming is a Hawaiian form of instilling a power source.

Machine wash inside out, delicate cycle. Hang to dry. Iron on reverse.

Model is 5'6" and is wearing a size Small.

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