Ka'aipū Aloha Shorts

The aloha shorts are a part of the collection of the year which features the beauty of Mānoa Valley. Uluwehi Mānoa!


Mānoa Valley has filled my life with inspiration! I used to know her well from top of waterfalls to her edges in urban Honolulu. I lived with the winds on her Tuahine side and have experienced the rains on the Waʻahila sections. She continues to stimulate my creatives.

The land divisions are hardly mentioned these days as they have given way to the contemporary names. We may never know the original translation of the various ʻili, but we can call out the sections of the landscape that have their own spirit and feel.

For 2016, the names we bring forth are the land divisions, renewing the energy in place and spirit. Their names will be our newest creations, the products of our lifestyle.