Lehuamamo Kilohana Silk Tie

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We feature our Kilohana Sig Silk Tie in our Lehuamamo design.

Lehua blossoms come in a variety of colors and feed the native birds.  The significance of the blossom is related to its place at the tops of the trees.  A natural metaphor for the day (the rise and setting of the sun), it is also a term that identifies a master.


Kapa are identified by their quality,  Kilohana is one of the finest, often identified as the topmost layer.  We borrow the term to describe our fabrication of ties, made from Chinese silk!  Supple, soft, and charming, we offer an accent of color with art of Hawaiian life.

The process begins in the design studio, selecting prints that reflect the natural power and spirit of place.  With the intent to share the values of our cultural practices, we create the fabric layout that will provide a bond, kindle conversation, and preserve the stories.


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