Kūpaianaha Puʻuʻeo Buttonup Aloha Shirt -Natural

This Buttonup Aloha Shirt features our Kūpaianaha print on Natural fabric with Cedar ink.

Surviving thousands of years living in difficult climes, the Silversword is a symbol of fortitude, longevity, and uniqueness.  The plants from Haleakala on Maui and from Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa on the island of Hawai'i all differ from each other.  Their individual traits make them Kupaianaha or extraordinary.  To witness a flowering season, one might be persuaded to live amongst them forever.  They are images of a plant kingdom that will never leave your subconscious!

The district of Puʻuʻeo is just north of the Wailuku River. Once a neighborhood of stately mansions and fancy gatherings, the area is famous in the travels of Hiʻiaka on her way to Lohiau. It mentions the abundance of lūʻau, Hiʻiakaʻs favorite food. We give this new style the name Puʻuʻeo in honor of this bordering community.

Our organic cotton (45%)/hemp (55%) shirts, made overseas, offers a cool, comfortable, and relaxed fit. The fabric has been cut insides out, giving a soft, distinct variation from the other styles. Leaning towards a sustainable fabrication process with less water usage, these shirts are easy wash and wear.

 Model is 6'0" and is wearing size M.

For this newest collection we have partnered with Hawaiian Legacy Reforestation Initiative in an effort to help promote the reforestation of endemic Hawaiian forests. With every Puʻuʻeo shirt purchased, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to help plant trees and protect Hawaiʻi’s unique flora and fauna here on the Big Island. For inquiries and more information, visit legacyforest.org

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