Palaluhiehu Toʻo Long Sleeve Buttonup Aloha Shirt - Grizzly

This Long Sleeve Buttonup Aloha Shirt features our Palaluhiehu Toʻo print on Grizzly fabric with Sunny ink.

The beautiful yellowing leaves of the noni stand out among the dark green ones. It is at this state of its life, that it has matured and is at its peak. I am attracted to this color! The term “pala” describes the changes from healthy and vibrant to a weakening closure to life. It also describes that wonderful, golden yellow color of that mature leaf. Noni is valued for its dye and medicinal properties from leaves and bark. Its trees are always dark green, full of energy.

Early television helped set style. The images that came across the screen were the most vivid of life outside of our islands. Subliminally, the clothes that Hollywood dressed the actors and actresses continue to affect my creativity today.Charleston Heston, Paul Newman, and Clint Eastwood wore long sleeve shirts. But it was what they did with the sleeves that stuck! Their rolled cuffs, just below the elbow, made it different - and cool. Pulling the rolled cuff above the elbow made another statement: getting down to business…Nowadays, long sleeves are always in my suitcase. Plane rides are often cold, evenings brisk, and you never want to be “under dressed.” Weekly meetings are comfortable. I am protected from the blazing, sunny afternoons in Kona.Our long sleeve aloha shirts just got an update! We slimmed out the sleeves (so they are not too “pirate looking”, mahalo ITO). Still trimmed out with our signature coconut buttons. Still hand printed in Honolulu…

100% Cotton, Model wearing size M.

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