Rain From Clear Sky Pullover Yuen Shirt - Gray

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This Pullover Yuen Shirt features our Rain From Clear Sky print on Gray fabric.

In K through 12, every teacher from Mrs. Iwahashi to Mrs. Chun-Akana would usually have unique pronunciations of my full name. Which constantly made me question why I was named Kuhaoimaikalani.  30 something years later the name offers me more than just a meaning. Kuhaoimaikalani translates into Rain From A Clear Sky and it offers a mental base, a relation to an environmental form/phenomenon, endless inspiration and aspiration. These offerings resonate with my mom's belief that naming is a Hawaiian form of instilling a power source.

Gung Gung was always golfing. I can’t remember if he actually worked! He was a cool dresser, with his shirt always tucked in. We remember him today as we introduce our Yuen Shirt, named after him! Stay cool in the summer heat with our latest fabrics meant for those active sessions! Forget ironing, cause there isn’t a need... Manufactured across the seas, these shirts will work on a surfboard, at the farmers’ market, and keep you comfortable until the 18th hole. There are two designs we introduce with this fabrication that should get you to 19th hole and beyond, if you are so inclined! Polyester and Spandex combination makes it comfortable and light.

95% Polyester 5% Spandex, Studio Model is 6'0" and wearing size XL.

*Our Yuen Shirts run true to size in comparison to our classic Sig Zane Aloha Shirts. We recommend choosing a size based on your normal t-shirt size*

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