Insights to Hula Expressions

Insight to the elemental happenings especially on the island of Hawaiʻi has been shaped through hula.  Our view of the volcano and its eruptions have direct parallels in the traditional chants of Pele.  Walking through our ʻōhiʻa forests, the kinolau of Laka provide a foundation for greening of the kuahu.  Lightning and thunder are expressions of akua, spending time in their playgrounds.

The Moku O Keawe International Hula Festival is our voice in this modern and quickly advancing world.  Through workshops and competition, we share our thoughts and foundation to a greater audience.  This platform continues to showcase our traditional practices, based on generational teachings of this island of Hawaiʻi, Moku O Keawe.

Nalani Kanakaʻole of Halau O Kekuhi and Nani Lim of Halau O Manaola, are two schools of hula lineage that spans several generations.  Both lines have brought forth their distinct styles to the Moku O Keawe Festivals through workshops and competition.  The perpetuation of their unique cultures in the related arts and crafts, costuming, and story telling continue to enlighten future generations.

We focus on education in both workshop and competition.  We want to take the participant, whether on stage or as a viewer, inside the lines of a chant.  This immersion, even if subliminal, affects the perspective of life surrounding us.  Through the verses of a traditional mele, we are able to transport one to the elemental occurrences that have shaped our landscape.  Through this practice, we elevate the understanding of what came before us and what will happen in the future.

Our relationship with hula through the Moku O Keawe International Hula Festival has been one filled with elemental energies, a communion with the universe, and the provocative expressions of this land where we come from.  We invite you to partake!

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