Hāʻimiloa Pareu - Periwinkle

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This pareu features our Hāʻimiloa print on Periwinkle fabric with Acid Lime ink.

The 2010 graduating class of Ke Ana La'ahana comprised of four students. Literally, the name of this design means, "Four Explorers". Figuratively, it means, "The breath of deep knowledge". The values of these four students (leadership, courage, independence and piko) were the source for our 'ohe kapala. Each one is represented here in the fabric design. This design goes forth as a prophesy, a symbol of hope for each student to achieve their dreams. May each one become a person of great knowledge!

The pareu is Hawai‘i in a wrap around lifestyle: versatile, comfortable, and limitless in its uses. What started as a hobby of making sarongs as birthday and Christmas gifts in the late 70's, grew into a company because of overwhelming demand! The two-yard length of fabric is seamed at the edges and rectangular in its finished shape -- great for use as a table cloth, wall hanging, or folded and tied as a carry-all. Strapless, over the shoulder or tied at the waist, the pareu drapes beautifully over a swimsuit, undergarment or nothing at all!

Fabric is machine-washable 100% cotton broadcloth.

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