Kinolau Kanaloa Kaʻalāiki Dress - Pomegranate

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This Kaʻalāiki Dress features our Kinolau Kanaloa design on Pomegranate with Azalea ink.

During ritual meals, the banana leaf is our tablecloth, providing a shield to protect the ceremonial foods. At the imu, the leaves help with the steaming of the puaʻa. “He maiʻa ke kanaka” refers to its substitution for man in certain ceremonies. Maiʻa is the body form on land for kanaloa, the god of oceans. Bananas grew abundantly alongside Waiolama at Piopio. Rainfall at Hilo is heavy at times, overflowing the banks of Waiolama, nourishing the maiʻa. this study of leaves took place there, just back of the soccer fields now fronting Hilo One.

This Kaʻalāiki, sleeveless and at-knee-length dress, is tailored for daily life in paradise! 

Just as our men have their “Aloha Shirts”, the Kaʻalāiki our “Aloha Dress” will suit a Monday through Thursday schedule and then for Aloha Fridays.
In other words, this is the 24/7 piece! Live it up! We are in paradise!

100% Cotton Model is wearing size XS.

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