Pepeʻeʻuhola Mōhalu Dress - Chocolate

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This Mōhalu Dress features our Pepeʻeʻuhola design on Chocolate fabric with Cactus ink.

The endemic tree fern, hāpu`u, is an image associated with Kīlauea Volcano forests.  It is also an icon of an era when gardens of anthuriums were planted in Kaumana, Pahoa, and Mountain View areas (before the shade cloth was invented). The image of unfolding fronds is a symbol of being receptive and open, as the mind.  It is also representative of budding, figuratively a baby or a child. There are two words that make up the name.  Pepe`e means rolled up, as young fern leaves.  `Uhola is a term used to unfold, spread. This design layout was done by Kauilanui.  It was our first fabric collaboration only because I sat next to him and talked story while he moved the mouse.  The name given to the design is reflective of Kauilanui for he is a child budding forth, open and receptive!

 Today we fancy it up a little - just so we can talk style, life, and print - in today’s terms!  The collar frames the iwilei and the poʻo, the sleeve caps the shoulder, and the length is just enough to cover the beachwear. We invite you to bring your attitude:  walk deliberately, lift that chin, shake that head of hair loose….  Wear it with tights.  Keep your jeans on.  May everything bloom in your wake! 

55% Linen, 45% Rayon. Model is wearing size XXS.

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