Pualeilikolehua Kaʻalāiki Dress - Forest

This Kaʻalāʻiki Dress features our Pualeilikolehua design on Forest fabric with Sprout ink.


As symbols of new growth, the cultural significance of liko is reiterated in not only the green of the plant, but in its symmetry and in its redundancy. Note the repetition in the leaf format as each mirrors the previous one. Imagine hula dancers in a line as they repeat the motions of the story... Liko fascinates me because of its perfection as it unfolds.   Leinaʻala Kalama Heine, who passed away in 2015, was a Kumu Hula for decades. I watched and enjoyed her from the very beginning, after her ʻūniki as kumu from Maiki Aiu. Her dedication to the art, and her artistry, were testaments to her commitment to the chant. This liko is dedicated to her!


Kaʻū is the largest and southernmost district on the island of Hawaiʻi. The ahupuaʻa of Kaʻalāiki have several puʻu, attracting water to the area. ʻĪmakakāloa, a heiau dedcated to hula, is located there and has views of Honuʻapo to Halemaʻumaʻu.

This Kaʻalāiki, sleeveless and at-knee-length dress, is tailored for daily life in paradise! East button-up front, fitted bodice and a button-down collar, readies you for the Farmers Market,
shopping at Ala Moana, or teaching your next class.

Just as our men have their “Aloha Shirts”, the Kaʻalāʻiki our “Aloha Dress” will suit a Monday through Thursday schedule and then for Aloha Fridays.
In other words, this is the 24/7 piece! Live it up! We are in paradise!


100% Cotton Model is wearing size S.

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