Ululauʻike Kaʻalāiki Dress - Morning Glory

This Kaʻalāiki Dress features our Ululauʻike design on Morning Glory with Ballet Slipper ink.

Every sighting is inspiring. The breadfruit leaf is an icon in our lives and with each sighting, we are pushed to create anew.  
This layout by Brittini carries our aesthetics of oblique lines and her wish to fortify creative energy. The diagonals, both positive and negative, convey energy and inspiration. The subtle placements of leaves in the negative express how often times a single leaf can stimulate a creative gesture.
The name literally means “Breadfruit Leaf Insight” and figuratively “Eternal Inspirational Knowledge".

Just as our men have their “Aloha Shirts”, the Kaʻalāiki our “Aloha Dress” will suit a Monday through Thursday schedule and then for Aloha Fridays.
In other words, this is the 24/7 piece! Live it up! We are in paradise!

 100% Cotton Studio model is 5'6" and wearing size XS.

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