Aʻeloa Blouse Nightfall Pualeilikolehua

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This A‘eloa Blouse features the Pualeilikolehua print in Nightfall and White.

As symbols of new growth, the cultural significance is reiterated in not only the green of the plant, but in its symmetry and in its redundancy. Note the repetition in the leaf format as each mirrors the previous one. Imagine the hula dancers in the line as they repeat the motions of the story... Liko fascinates me in its perfection and as it sprouts.   Leinaʻala Kalama Heine has been a Kumu Hula for thirty years. I have watched her from the very beginning after she graduated from Maʻiki Aiu. Her dedication to the art and her artistry is a testament to the commitment of the chant. This liko is dedicated to her!

"Kiʻekiʻe e Kaʻū, kua makani, he umauma i pā ʻia e ke Aʻe Loa…"  Majestic Kaʻū, wind blown back, breast blown upon by the Aʻe Loa tradewinds … Our newest wahine blouse is a great fit!  Try it on and see how the back darts help deliver that shapely look!  Hand printed 100% Kona cotton is machine washable.  Available in sizes XXS through 3XL.

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