ʻApeʻelekū Kaipoʻi Hoodie - Yarrow

This Kaipoʻi Hoodie features our ʻApeʻelekū  print on Yarrow fabric and Leather and Coffee ink.

 I remember ʻape growing near the ocean.  Growing in the shade of Kamani trees, I am taken by the darkness of the leaves.  Oversize, upright, and almost looking mutant, the ʻape had such a pronounced presence that it commanded attention. 

I always liked ʻape.  The glossy leaves are a powerful statement in the wild, growing in the darker understory.  Heard that they used to eat the root during famine.  I prefer to use the leaves as an umbrella in sudden downpours.

The hoodie is a personal favorite! It takes me to that special place where I feel the wind at my cheeks, the waves breaking on the outside reef, and the front pouch pocket adds a sense of security… Reminiscent of life in Honolulu in the 60s, I am inspired to abandon care and run free!

The Aloha Hoodie is 100% cotton and meant for that sail to Chinaman’s Hat at sunset. It’s also perfect for that boat ride between Namotu and Tavarua. I’m sure that it’ll work for the visit to Kani Ka Pila Grille at the edge of Waikīkī Beach.

Kaipoʻi is a term to describe the wave as it “covers” and “folds” over. Being inside the wave is a happy place, in the moment, and undeniably wonderful!

100% Cotton, Studio Model is 6" ft wearing size M

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