ʻAwalani Kilohana Silk Tie

We feature our Kilohana Sig Silk Tie in our ʻAwalani design.

“He ʻawa lani wale nō”

From my earliest memories, our Lā Kuahu ʻawa ceremony caught my relatively short attention span. The silence, the throbbing knees turning to numb feet, the procession of servers, the kanoa and finally to receive the ‘apu filled with bitter ʻawa. Observing my uncles and aunties facilitating the ceremony, offering to the kuahu and to the higher rank kumu and kupuna in attendance first, then the servers making their way thru our hālau. It was fascinating and such a different world than elementary school.

Although Iʻve been surrounded by ceremony and protocol for majority of my life, the ʻawa ceremony is a special one since it was one of the first my cousins and I got to partake in. Over the years, we make it from server to properly balance the ʻapu and ʻawa above our head while duck walking, to the kūlia chanter that starts the protocol then to the kānoa responsible for facilitating the ceremony.

As a creative working day to day to direct my team of designers, the memory of my uncles facilitating a ceremony for 50 or more dancers with out speaking a word is still the epitome of preparedness, clarity and intent.

This past July we had our Hālauaola hula conference and my cousins and I were tasked with running the ʻawa ceremony. With over 450 participants from all islands, mainland and internationally this ceremony was looking to be one of the largest in recent history. The combined effort of Ulu, Kauila and our mini-army of servers continued this practice that was passed on to us and hopefully sparked the fascination with another generation of practitioners.

This print ʻAwalani was created to celebrate that ceremony and the hands that made it a success.

Kapa are recognized by their quality,  Kilohana is one of the finest, often identified as the topmost layer.  We borrow the term to describe our fabrication of ties, made from Chinese silk!  Supple, soft, and charming, we offer an accent of color with art of Hawaiian life.

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