Blue Phantom Shorts Niuolahiki

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The coconut is a symbol of life! When a child is born, a coconut tree is planted, insuring that there will always be food for him. The trunk was used in making pahu drums and the coconut shells made into apu used in drinking 'awa. A strong cordage was made from the husk fibers. Every part of the tree was valuable to the Hawaiian!

The life-giving coconut is an ancestor from Tahiti. He was a super-natural being, changing from eel to handsome man to coconut tree. The myth, told by our elders, connects us to the islands where chants speak of our origins.

The thatched fronds are used for mats, shade, and hats. Swaying in the breeze, famous sayings speak of the beckoning of the trees and the peace in its shade. Fluttering in the gentle winds, the fronds appear like feathers, softly moving in the heavens.

18.5" Modern Performance Fit. 86% Recycled Polyester/ 14%Spandex. Patented EZ fly closure, signature foil branding and metallic embroidery logo patch, performance water repellency, patch pocket with flap and Sig Zane engineered print and signature branding.

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