Wao Akua Greeting Card Set

Kinolau hula, dwelling in the uplands, are the gods of the forest. The greater kuahu hula is the ulu lāʻau, the upland forest.

ʻŌlapa: Lei ʻōlapa are distinct because of the knot tied to fasten the leaves together.

Ohiʻa : The native flowers drink in the rain, feeding our aquifers.

Koa: Each petiole of koa nourishes its under story.

ʻIeʻie: ʻIeʻie vines climb to the heavens, entwining the ʻōhiʻa for support. 

Lehua: Lei lehua are handcrafted by masterʻs hand.

The Wao Akua Greeting Card Set includes 5 cards/envelopes.

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