Ulunui Pareu - Eggplant

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This pareu features our Ulunui print on Eggplant fabric with Shitake ink.

The koa tree is a symbol of rank in the community.  It is recognized as father of the forest as it nurtures the under story, just as a father does for his family.  In this translation, the warrior is not the aggressor but the fearless man that protects both family and home.

The pareu is Hawai‘i in a wrap around lifestyle: versatile, comfortable, and limitless in its uses. What started as a hobby of making sarongs as birthday and Christmas gifts in the late 70's, grew into a company because of overwhelming demand! The two-yard length of fabric is seamed at the edges and rectangular in its finished shape -- great for use as a table cloth, wall hanging, or folded and tied as a carry-all. Strapless, over the shoulder or tied at the waist, the pareu drapes beautifully over a swimsuit, undergarment or nothing at all!

Fabric is machine-washable 100% cotton broadcloth.

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