ʻApeʻeleku Long Sleeve Flannel

This Buttonup Aloha Flannel features our ʻApeʻeleku Print on

Solid Charcoal Fabric with Lighthouse and Bones ink.

I remember ʻape growing near the ocean.  Growing in the shade of Kamani trees, I am taken by the darkness of the leaves.  Oversize, upright, and almost looking mutant, the ʻape had such a pronounced presence that it commanded attention. 

I always liked ʻape.  The glossy leaves are a powerful statement in the wild, growing in the darker understory.  Heard that they used to eat the root during famine.  I prefer to use the leaves as an umbrella in sudden downpours.

Comfort Cloth
A flannel shirt is a favorite.  Itʻs almost unspoken. Something about it being that super comfort cloth always wins. The softness is engrained in our memory.
We introduced flannel a few years back.  Uluwehi Keaukaha was the winner.  That one still remains the choice piece in our wardrobe.  Long sleeve flannels are not a new thing… (They have been around since before the 1700s!)
Currently we introduce Kalaukoa, Pololū and Apeʻelekū. Applied to a solid flannel and a plaid background, we offer a little twist to the chill in the air.  Grab one, sit back, and enjoy the upcoming events of the season!

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