Kalākolokai Womens T-shirt- White

This T-shirt features our Kālakolokai print with on White material with Light Blue ink.

The cherished lei of our earliest days evoke memories of all who lent their support. To all that came forth to help printing our fabrics, stitch the first shirts, or set up booth at the craft fairs, we honor you during this anniversary celebration.


Gathering blossoms in the early morning and preparing each flower/leaves to be a part of a lei is always filled with thoughts of the person who will be receiving the lei. These reflections and feelings are woven into the lei, one thought at a time. Complete and filled with the memories, hiʻileialoha is the cherished lei.


Pakalana, ʻilima, pua kenikeni, kou, and hinahina are my favorite lei! Created in the early days, we bring the art to light once again to stir up the fondest memories of all who gave us a lending hand.

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