Kula Pae Bucket Hat - Rain From Clear Sky

This Kula Pae Bucket Hat features our Rain From Clear Sky print on Bellini fabric with Bison ink.

The hōʻailona, rain from clear sky, is an omen of the extraordinary.  In that moment, we observe the elements and our surroundings.  This simple rendering of this phenomena cannot capture the true essence but rather makes the occurrence tangible.    

Comfortable and cool, our 100% cotton bucket hats can literally top things off!  The brim is padded and quilted to maintain its shape and the hat is lined.  Sizes small through large offer an ideal fit just in case there might be a stiff breeze.  (BTW if a gust happens to drop your hat into a puddle, fear not as these are washable!)

Bucket Hats are Unisex


S: 22.5"
M: 23.5"
L: 24.5"
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