Heʻikelau Silk Scarf- Coral

The breadfruit is the prerequisite design. Once the first fabric layout with the breadfruit is complete, our graphic designers are then able to work with other art. This first design layout by Brittini expresses intimacy with the leaf patterns. Close inspection of leaf, fruit, and branches, underscores familiarity. Knowing the nuances of the plant makes a stronger statement. Heʻikelau can literally be translated as “A Knowledge Blossoming”. Figuratively, the name means “Knowledge Proliferates”.

It was a winter day in Komatsu, Ishikawa Prefecture, when I visited the factory. I watched the spinning of the silk threads in the freezing warehouse, meter by meter. Weaving the words of our mission statement with the jacquard card was a challenge but accomplished by a master. Today this prized cloth is the foundation of our most treasured pieces.

The silk/cotton scarf is a simple offering, embodied with intent and inspiration. The ʻulu leaf is an inspirational symbol. The iconic shape tickles our imagination and kick starts many paths of design. The simple lines have been the focus of my razor-cutting art form for decades. Heʻikelau is a recent composition that dwells on those simple lines. Translating to "knowledge that proliferates", the lines of this ʻulu leaf are meant to encourage and nurture the practice of repetition.

Made in Japan. 55% Cotton 45% Silk

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