Huli Ka Lima Pullover Aloha Shirt - White

This Pullover Aloha Shirt features our Huli Ka Lima print on White fabric with Marine and Slate ink.

Turning our hands into the dirt, we cultivate for the future.  The land nourishes spirit and soul. Huli, the seeds for the next generation are selected from the harvested kalo.  Gathering the strongest will insure the next harvest.  

The art of the huli was inspired by John John Florence.  Growing up on the North Shore of Oʻahu, he is a favorite surfer, inspiring leagues.  We worked in a loʻī in Waipiʻo Valley and after talking story, it was the huli that became a metaphor.  As a keiki o ka ʻāina, he has put his hands into the soil and grown some beautiful kalo.  In the taro patch, not all huli are chosen to be planted for the next generation - only the strongest are replanted.  John John has been chosen to represent the next generation of surfers from Hawaiʻi. This art layout are the organized piles of huli that are found on the banks of the taro patch, ready to be turned down and planted. 

Inspired by the ivy-league shirts of the early 1900s, the fabric designs are pure Hawai‘i, and the look is pleasingly fresh. The Pullover features a half placket and is designed slightly wider to allow over-the-head dressing with ease. Coconut buttons are featured on the stand-up, button-down collar and on the front placket. Tuck it in or leave it out over the trousers for a more casual look. Either way, it's the perfect touch of crisp aloha!

Model is 5' 10" and is wearing a size XL.

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