Hulihia Kīlauea Kālawe Canvas Tote

Hulihia Kīlauea Kālawe Canvas Tote with Leather Handles- Natural fabric with White Ink.

Over this past year here on Hawaiʻi island, we’ve witnessed one of the most explosive volcanic flows in a few decades. It’s this raw energy, destruction and creation that reminds us of our place in these environmental cycles. Recognition and regard for this energy is a prerequisite for living here in Hilo. Hulihia chants document historically these times of change. A shift of what is to what will be created.

A fresh flow at first look resembles a barren landscape but as a kid I’ve always marveled at the iridescence and reflective quality that new lava holds. This contradiction of a flow clearing the land and in turn creating new land is what Hulihia chants specialize in documenting.

Canvas and leather have always been comfort choices… Maybe it was our experiences with canvas on boats and sailing? Leather has that same feeling as it always been prized because it was our first luggage as kids? I lean towards canvas and leather in making personal items as they provide a sense of security.

Carry alls are important for me. They not only gotta make sure that the goods get to where I am going, they got to give me a tactile feeling of strength. Besides, I want it to be pretty. This kind of sums up our latest bags: Kālawe.

Strong enough to hold water and everything else you might throw inside, our newest canvas and leather bags will get you to Hanalei, to Kalaupapa, and back to Hilo - in one piece. Throw in the kaʻau of ʻopelu or if you want, one big ulua - I am sure that your precious cargo will get there in style!

• Made Overseas
•100% cotton canvas
•Premium Leather
• Dimensions: 14" x 13.5"

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