Hōʻinana Keychain- Silver

Our newest metal keychain features our Hōʻinana Design

The students of Kanu O Ka ʻĀina Charter School in Waimea asked for a design for their graduating class of 2018.  After our meeting, I realized they were a class of strong individuals who would not let their circumstances stop them from achieving and being the best they could be. 

Summer days are the sweetest.  They taste like cold lychee and fresh mango.  They feel like ehukai and cold fresh ponds.  Summer nights are filled with stars; like pupu lined up ready to be strung into a lei, the stars align to make constellations.  Just as the lehua blossoms are bright highlights of the 'ohi'a, so are the stars of the summer skies.  Brandy-Alia has mapped out our lehua stars, creating a skyful of possible connections.  Na Huihui, the constellations, are the memories and connections we make through summer that last us a lifetime.

Over the years we’ve shared our “Makawalu Design Process” with our designers and clients. By far, the most rewarding has been to work with the seniors of Ke Ana Laʻahana Charter School in Keaukaha and currently Kanu O Ka ʻĀina in Waimea.As the first collection featured in Kaiao_Space, we feature accessories with a selection of our “graduation prints” that we’ve created with each Senior class.

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