Kai Palaoa Mōhalu Dress - Silver

This Mōhalu Dress features our Kai Palaoa design on Silver fabric with Black and overcast ink. 

 In recongnition of the international year of the Reef, we forge two elements.  The handwritten words speak of the creation of the ʻākoʻakoʻa- the coral reef- beginning with the Wa ʻākahi, the first age of the Kumulipo: from the darkness came life.  The nalu and moku, the ʻohe Kāpala, are images that express the activity that happens above the coral reef.  Wave upon wave, breaking above the coral reef, all while the island continues to grown above and below. 

Today we fancy it up a little - just so we can talk style, life, and print - in today’s terms!  The collar frames the iwilei and the poʻo, the sleeve caps the shoulder, and the length is just enough to cover the beachwear. We invite you to bring your attitude: walk deliberately, lift that chin, shake that head of hair loose…. Wear it with tights. Keep your jeans on. May everything bloom in your wake! 

55% Linen, 45% Cotton. Studio Model is wearing size XS.

Size Chart