Kaiminoiau Pullover Aloha Shirt - Roasted Pecan

This Pullover Aloha Shirt features our Kaiminoiau print on Roasted Pecan fabric with Espresso ink.

When first introduced to the Keanalaahana graduating class of 2014, the keiki

rewarded us with a strong regard for their ohana and forefathers. They referred
back to their sources of enrichment and were intuitive of their future.

Each student shared their stories of where they come from and where they are
headed. The elements that make up this design composition is my interpretation
of what makes them who they are today and what they will become in the
future. Their path has already been carved; they continue on that journey in the
development and growth of their identities.

The name of this design is really a prophecy. In the students’ search to become
excellent in their craft, they become the skilled. Each step will represent their
climb to the top. They will be the leaders of tomorrow.

Brandy laid this design out to play with the visual narrative. The actual steps are
the fabric design and the printed areas make up the actual “body of the step.”

Inspired by the ivy-league shirts of the early 1900s, the fabric designs are pure Hawai‘i, and the look is pleasingly fresh. The Pullover features a half placket and is designed slightly wider to allow over-the-head dressing with ease. Coconut buttons are featured on the stand-up, button-down collar and on the front placket. Tuck it in or leave it out over the trousers for a more casual look. Either way, it's the perfect touch of crisp aloha!

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