Kalaʻionāmoku Buttonup Aloha Shirt - O.D. Green

This Buttonup Aloha Shirt features our Ola Kanilehua print on O.D. Green fabric with Moss and Limestone ink.

Bringing two individuals together in marriage is a celebration of a relationship.  This fabric print is an expression of their bond.  Their choices of a plant from the uplands and a shell from the shore is the duality in opposites.

The ʻaʻaliʻi is steadfast, hardy, and resilient.  Growing in the uplands and in extreme conditions, it survives.  A symbol of Kaʻū, the ʻaʻaliʻi withstands the constant winds and offers blossoms and seed pods to generate the next plants.  The perspective of the art is literal, directly viewed from above, illustrating the divisions of the seed pods.

Hidden most of its life, the kūpeʻe comes up from the sandy depths at the shoreline during the low tides when the moon is small.  The shell crawls quietly in the dark, searching for its meal among the rocks.  In hula, the shell adornments is the metaphor for the teachings of the dance school, the deep knowledge surfacing as the dance is performed.   

I grabbed one of these because it looks like camo!


Inspired by the ivy-league shirts of the early 1900s, the fabric designs are pure Hawai‘i, and the look is pleasingly fresh. The Buttondown is an open front, tapered shirt with a full length placket, while The Pullover features a half placket and is designed slightly wider to allow over-the-head dressing with ease. Coconut buttons are featured on the stand-up, button-down collar and on the front placket. Tuck it in or leave it out over the trousers for a more casual look. Either way, it's the perfect touch of crisp aloha!

100% Cotton, Model wearing size 2XL.

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