Kalākolokai Lūhaupua Dress - Indigo

This Lūhaupua Dress features our Kalākolokai design on Indigo fabric with Limestone and Sunny ink.

The 'ilima and the kauna'oa are friends found growing together at the oceanside.  Although the kauna'oa is a parasite, it depends on the 'ilima as its host.  The name given to this design expresses the colors of the blossom and the kauna'oa.  Both are rich hues of orange.  Using the sun as the metaphor for both flower and vine, the name describes the sun moving from east to west during the day along the shore.

Lūhaupua is a wind in the district of ʻŌlaʻa, south of the Hilo district. Translating to “the wind that scatters the dew and the blossoms” this energy is one of many in Puna. Within our Makaniʻoluʻolu Collection, the Lūhaupua Dress became a popular piece. Button up front, a short oriental collar, and the tea length makes it easy wear. More than a decade has passed as we re-introduce this style!

Fabric is 45% tencel and 55% linen and is machine washable. Model is wearing size XXS.

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