Kamakalaukoa ʻEpane - Denim

This ʻEpane features our Kamakalaukoa print on Denim fabric with Sky Blue  and White ink.

The graduating class of Ke Ana La'ahana 2008 offered their own drawing for this year's class design.  Representing the koa leaves, the wake behind a wa'a in the water, and the Hoaka moon, the images symbolize these keiki and their experiences in life.  Our design layout by Kuha'o offers a look at the koa leaves in a large graphic presentation.  Alongside the images by the keiki, we offer the true koa leaves and the petioles (crescent shape phyllodes) of the koa.  The name is a play on the plant design and the layout.  The students are the young warriors, standing at the edge, ready to graduate, with their eyes wide open, looking at everything.

Over the years we’ve shared our “Makawalu Design Process” with our designers and clients. By far, the most rewarding has been to work with the seniors of Ke Ana Laʻahana Charter School in Keaukaha and currently Kanu O Ka ʻĀina in Waimea.As the first collection featured in Kaiao_Space, we feature accessories with a selection of our “graduation prints” that we’ve created with each Senior class.

 100% Denim

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