Blueprint Kekaukoʻiʻulaolililehua Iwileinani Dress

This Iwileinani Dress features our Kekaukoʻiʻulaolililehua design on Blueprint fabric with Grapemist ink.

It’s always, "Search for the beautiful, youthful and vibrant lehua”.  Sometimes the right trees produce a consistent set of flowers, or sometimes it takes the right combination of weather and land. In this design, it’s the path, as well as the branch, to each celebrated lehua.

Lehua is another term for “expert” or “master”. Our design was created for Jashea Kekaukoʻiʻula, and is a visual take on the path to excellence!

I’ve always noticed when picking lehua, that sometimes the more experienced, older trees provide better flowers.  The shorter ones, especially, bearing long thin branches with little to no leaves on them… BUT… at the very tip, there!  There is the perfect, vibrant lehua!

The iwilei is the collarbone.  In dreaming up this style, I wanted the collarbone to be visible and to be admired.  The squared-off neckline frames this part of the kino beautifully and the princess lines lend shape to every body, showing off curves to the best advantage.  Iwileinani, Beautiful is one's collarbone!

100% Cotton Model is wearing size XXS.

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