Kolowalu Dress Bordeaux Kapalaiwenaʻula

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This Kolowalu dress features our Kapalaiwenaʻula design in Bordeaux and Sangria.

ʻIliahi Paredes had requested to use the palapalai design for the hōʻike of his first class.  This is my gift to him. The translation of this name speaks of a special red tinge found on some fronds.  But this name also speaks of a close relationship for I have known ʻIliahi for many years.  This fern is kinolau to Laka, a sacred plant for the hula kuahu, and is dedicated to Hiʻiakaikapoliopele.

Our shirtdress is a style that might answer the question, “if the aloha shirt is for the men, what would be for the wahine?”

Here we offer our latest kaila:  Kolowalu.  Sharp, simple, and office ready, our shirtdress reveals its origins from the guy`s pullover shirts.  But the feminine attributes of back darts, the soft stand-up collar, and half-sleeve with a roll-up cuff, definitely makes a tailored statement.

Kolowalu is an ʻili on the eastern side at the back of Mānoa Valley.  A name somewhat forgotten as “Woodlawn” has totally eliminated its use.

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