Kūikawā Iwileinani Dress - Cocoa

This Iwileinani Dress features our Kūikawā design on Cocoa fabric with Lingerie ink.

Lucky when you come across a patch of flowering ʻōlena! Itʻs bloom life is brief so youʻll want to be there when it starts and when it is happening. Listening to Lorna Lim singing Pua ʻŌlena is as beautiful as seeing the blooms in person!

The iwilei is the collarbone. In dreaming up this style, I wanted the collarbone to be visible and to be admired. The squared-off neckline frames this part of the kino beautifully and the princess lines lend shape to every body, showing off curves to the best advantage. Iwileinani, beautiful is one's collarbone!

100% Cotton. Model is wearing size XXS.

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