Kula Pae Bucket Hat -Hale O Lono

This Kula Pae Bucket Hat features our Hale O Lono print on Spruce fabric with Bone, Mushroom and Desert Green ink.

 Hale O Lono is the name of a loko kuapā in Keaukaha, Hawai'i, built for the ali'i Kalaninui'iamamao, also known as Lonoikamakahiki. Within this walled structure is a vibrant ecosystem, one which the students of Ke Ana La'ahana Public Charter School both contribute to the care of - as well as learn from. There are three elements of this design, each significant to the Class of 2012 as they have chosen these to be a part of their legacy print.

The lei hala not only represents a Pūhala tree whose roots reach directly into the pond, it is also a symbol of the completion of high school. The walls of the pond have been rebuilt twice in the students' tenure at Hale O Lono because of the destructive nature of tsunamis. The selection of pōhaku is important in making a strong structure, and yet one flexible enough to allow the ocean to move through its walls.

These rebuilding experiences strengthened their commitment to the pond. Finally, the mākāhā sluice gates which control the movements of the pond allow the good in and let the excess out. Like the mākāhā, the students have learned how to take the good and the bad in life. These graduates will carry these life lessons learned from Hale O Lono within themselves, and they will take them into the greater community.

Fronting the former Hawaiian Village, Kula Pae is a familiar coastline of Keaukaha.  I have heard stories of Tūtū Edith and her hoaloha frequenting the area, fishing for their favorites. Views across the ocean to Hilo Palikū and Mauna Kea were especially memorable from this vantage point. Kula Pae, when translated, means “washed up on the plains.”

Comfortable and cool, our 100% cotton bucket hats can literally top things off!  The brim is padded and quilted to maintain its shape and the hat is lined. Sizes small through large offer an ideal fit just in case there might be a stiff breeze. (BTW if a gust happens to drop your hat into a puddle, fear not as these are washable!)

Bucket Hats are Unisex


S: 22.5"
M: 23.5"
L: 24.5"

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