Kula Pae Bucket Hat - Kaiminoiau

This Kula Pae Bucket Hat features our Kaiminoiau print on Roasted Pecan fabric with Espresso ink.

The “steps” in the overall design, along with its elements, are in part a prophecy.  This design was created for the Keanalaʻahana graduating class of 2014, representing each step towards their personal goals.  We had asked each student to share their sources of enrichment and where their future dreams would take them.

My interpretations, through ʻohe kapala, reflect on what makes them today and what they will become in the future.  Their path has already been carved; they continue on that journey in the development and growth of their identities.  

The literal meaning is “The Search for Excellence.”  The figurative interpretation is “Become the Skilled.”


Comfortable and cool, our 100% cotton bucket hats can literally top things off!  The brim is padded and quilted to maintain its shape and the hat is lined. Sizes small through large offer an ideal fit just in case there might be a stiff breeze. (BTW if a gust happens to drop your hat into a puddle, fear not as these are washable!)

Bucket Hats are Unisex


S: 22.5"
M: 23.5"
L: 24.5"

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