Kula Pae Bucket Hat - Lei Lokelau

This Kula Pae Bucket Hat features our Lei Lokelau print on Bordeaux fabric with Eggshell and Foxglove ink.

The sight of Uncle George Naope at the Merrie Monarch Festival was always a treat. He dressed in the most wonderful manner, befitting the icon that he was! In addition to his jewelry and his colorful attire, he always wore lei as many were made especially for him. The lokelau was exceptional because it was always a double lei and longer than most others. The smell was distinct: peppery and green. Every year, the same person would make Uncle this special lei. For me, each time I see a lei lokelau, I think of Uncle George. This design of the green rose - and the lyrics of the mele composed to honor it - celebrates my memories of Uncle George and his special lei.

Fronting the former Hawaiian Village, Kula Pae is a familiar coastline of Keaukaha.  I have heard stories of Tūtū Edith and her hoaloha frequenting the area, fishing for their favorites. Views across the ocean to Hilo Palikū and Mauna Kea were especially memorable from this vantage point. Kula Pae, when translated, means “washed up on the plains.”

Comfortable and cool, our 100% cotton bucket hats can literally top things off!  The brim is padded and quilted to maintain its shape and the hat is lined. Sizes small through large offer an ideal fit just in case there might be a stiff breeze. (BTW if a gust happens to drop your hat into a puddle, fear not as these are washable!)

Bucket Hats are Unisex


S: 22.5"
M: 23.5"
L: 24.5"

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