Kūpapalani Chambray Kēwai Dress - Indigo

This Chambray Kēwai Dress features our Kūpapalani design on Indigo fabric with White ink. 

The Silversword dwells in the Wao Akua, the higher elevations of our mountains where the spirits are believed to reside.  It's choice of place to live is amongst the mists and the clouds.  The name given to this design is literally a take on the upper regions of the heavens.  It is also a poetic name to describe a "chief of the highest rank".

One of the winds known to the Hilo area is Kēwai. Figuratively it refers to the rain that accompanies the winds as it blesses our homelands.

The Kēwai Dress is meant for easy, comfort wear. Slip it on for lounging or the quick run to the market for Haagen Dazs. Sleeveless and quite slim, this run of dresses are cut from 100% cotton chambray. Lightweight fabric made to look sassy and ready for the call.

100% Chambray. Model is wearing XS

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