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My mother at 90, continues to work pulling weeds and trimming perfect hedges in Manoa Valley. Since childhood, all of us gathered to work side by side with our parents. Designing the land areas surrounding our home was learned early on. Working in the yard is part of my DNA.

These days are no different. Shaping trees, clearing and planting mondo grass, and building rock walls are regular activities. With gloves, I feel invincible. Having spent a few weekends restoring the ancient heiau hula, ʻImakakāloa, the idea came forth to make leather gloves.

We had heard from kupuna about the heiau in the uplands of Kāʻū that was dedicated to hula. It had intrigued us especially because of our hula kahiko practices. Then recently, the heiau was found while the landowners were clearing the pasturelands. We were called and subsequently given the stewardship of ʻImakakāloa.

In this very humble approach, we offer these leather gloves to not only bring awareness to this wonderful uncovering of the heiau hula, but to lend a few hands in the rebuilding of this place of mana. One rock at a time, we shall restore the work of the ancients so that the heiau can be the platform in which we fortify and persevere the practices of hula.

Laulima kākou! Let us put our hands together and rebuild ʻImakakāloa!


Size Guide: Reference hand length from bottom of palm to tip of middle finger.

M: Hand Length 9"

L: Hand Length 10" 

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