Leʻie Hualalai Laʻaukūlua Longsleeve- Maize

This Long Sleeve Buttonup Aloha Shirt features our Leʻie Hualalai print on Maize fabric with Cobblestone ink.

Choosing to live in the dry grasslands on the slopes of Hualalai, the halapepe is a symbol of longevity!  Growing slowly and displaying an incredible show of blossoms in the summer, this plant is often placed on the kuahu for the hula dancer.  As a vegetable form of Kapo'ulakina'u, the halapepe is part of the hierarchy of plants that belong to the family of hula dancers.

Set yourself apart from the others by donning a long sleeve shirt.  This two-chest-pocket shirt could be a style statement for any occasion.  Graduation?  Lūʻau?  Court appearance?  Of just to be a little stylish…

Laʻaukulua is the nineteenth day of the Hawaiian moon month, a few days after the full moons.  It’s a good day to till the dirt and plant bananas.  Fishing is not too productive because of the unpredictable storms.  We named this style after this night of moon as we completed the design process on that day.

100% Cotton, Model wearing size M.

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