Lehuamamo Laʻaukūlua Longsleeve- Shadow

This Long Sleeve Buttonup Aloha Shirt features our Lehuamamo print on Shadow fabric with Cobblestone ink.


The Keahihanakahi design, created as a four-color image for all the girls in the Zane family, is now updated in this one-color print.  The costumes for Johnny Lum Ho’s 2008 Merrie Monarch Festival performance on Wednesday, the opening night, featured this design in all yellow.  We gave this design the name of the yellow lehua blossom, lehuamamo, in commemoration of this event.


If one looked toward the uplands from Mokuola, the puʻu just in the background of the historic downtown area would grab some attention. Famous for a bamboo grove that was used in ceremony, the hill affords an incredible view of the lands of Hanakahi.


Set yourself apart from the others by donning a long sleeve shirt.  This two-chest-pocket shirt could be a style statement for any occasion.  Graduation?  Lūʻau?  Court appearance?  Of just to be a little stylish…


Laʻaukulua is the nineteenth day of the Hawaiian moon month, a few days after the full moons.  It’s a good day to till the dirt and plant bananas.  Fishing is not too productive because of the unpredictable storms.  We named this style after this night of moon as we completed the design process on that day.


100% Cotton, Model wearing size M.

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